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Heavy Duty Roof Racks From Prorack

Prorack HD Commercial Roof Rack

Prorack HD - A Serious Trade Roof Rack

Prorack HD (Heavy Duty) roof racks are built for maximum performance and minimum fuss. The roof rack crossbars are a tough aluminium profile with a universal channel to accept many heavy duty roof rack accessories. Inlay Technology protects the bar and the load to give these heavy duty roof racks maximum performance day in day out!

We've designed the Prorack HD heavy duty roof rack with the user in mind. Loaded with features these bars are a treat to use; like the in-built tie down point, or the rubber inlay technology that cleverly leaves the t-slot exposed for constant use, but protects the bar and keeps them quiet. You'll love using these bars and of course with the now legendary Prorack Smartfoot™ technology transferring to another vehicle is a dream, you'll only need a new kit, not a complete new bar. And Prorack HD roof racks come fully assembled so you're up and running with your new racks super quick. Howzat!

With Prorack Smartfoot™ Technology and Locks

Prorack HD heavy duty roof racks are super adaptable. The innovative Prorack Smartfoot™ system adapts and transfers simply to virtually any vehicle, making it easy and inexpensive to fit to a different car. Oh, and did we mention locks are standard so your bars are secure? Prorack HD heavy duty roof racks give maximum peace of mind, safely locked onto your vehicle so they're always there when you come to drive home.


  • Integrated Tie Down Point
    Secure your load with ease
  • Prorack Smartfoot™
    Innovative Prorack Smartfoot™ adapts and transfers simply to virtually every vehicle making it easy and inexpensive to fit to a different vehicle
  • Lockable
    Locks come standard
  • Wind Noise Reducers
    These unique "owl wing" features massively reduce wind noise
  • Inlay Technology
    Rubber "load strips" are integrated into the aluminium crossbar, protecting the crossbar and your load
Prorack HD Leg

Super Adaptable…

Prorack HD roof bars are super adaptable. The innovative Prorack Smartfoot™ design adapts and transfers simply to virtually every vehicle making it easy and inexpensive to fit to a different car.

Prorack HD

Serious Trade Rack
Load Rating: 100kg
Rail Mount
Track Mount
Fixed Point Mount
Gutter Mount
Flush Rail Mount


The Prorack HD range can be fitted to just about any vehicle using this track mount option

  • Supplied as a Pair
  • Black Finish
Track Length    Part No.
200 mm   Q1
600 mm   Q2
800 mm   Q3
1000 mm   Q4
1200 mm   Q5
1400 mm   Q6
1600 mm   Q7
1800 mm   Q8
2000 mm   Q9
2400 mm   Q10

Accessories for Your Prorack HD

  • Eye Bolt
    Eyebolt Accessory for Trade Bar
  • Ratchet Grab
    Ratchet Accessory for Trade Bar
  • Load Holder
    Load Holder Accessory for Trade Bar
  • Ladder Roller
    Ladder Roller Accessory for Trade Bar
  • Height Packer
    Height Packer
More Accessories

Why Prorack HD Serious Roof Racks?

Until now finding a heavy duty commercial roof rack that doesn't cause a racket on the roof was out of the question. Sure you could get commercial heavy duty and with the introduction of S-Wing a silent roof was a (delightful) reality, but both together? Well our design team have put their heads together and come up with Prorack HD, raising the bar for quiet heavy duty commercial roof racks staggeringly high. Not only are these bars super tough they're also almost completely silent. Making them the classic big strong silent type.

And what about the environment? How much drag do they cause? The good news is very little, in fact so little that they cause less drag than the average recreational "aero" bar. During drag testing at the University of Canterbury, Prorack HD proved their environmental credentials with a mind-blowing 70% less drag than current heavy duty commercial roof rack crossbars! Prorack HD have built on the tradition of the beautiful S-Wing which has won awards for its environmentally friendly performance.